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We are a family that is in love with Maine Coon Cats. We do everything to provide joy of life and health to our pets. Our pets move freely throughout our home, have a healthy diet and best care. Our medical education helps us in working with kittens and adult cats.
You can find us on the TICA and CFA websites, in the “Find a breeder” section, where we registered our cattery. All parents of our kittens have genetic tests. Kittens will have a certificate with their pedigree.

The most successful event has been the appearance, in our cattery, of Nuage, male of our JoieDeVivre. A cat with a pronounced lion's face. There were already more then 10 litters of kittens from him and all his children inherited from him their father's lion's face. So, now we are unique, we produce small lion cubs. A very big bonus that kittens get by inheriting a wide nose at birth is wide tear ducts. And that means healthier eyes.

We have available Creamy male, Black/Red/Silver Turtle female, Blue female, Orange polydactyl male, Shaded Line Maine Coon male.

Price is $2750. For polydactyl is $3300. Shaded Line $4500. The deposit is $500, with the remainder of payment due on the day you pick up the kitty. 

Our location is in Seymour, CT. 

All of the parents' genetic tests are clear.

Health guarantee:
According to the contract, you will have the right to check the health of the kitten at a veterinary clinic that you trust within 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt of the kitten. I will undertake to pick up the kitten and, by agreement of the parties, provide an equivalent kitten in return after being presented a veterinary certificate confirming that the kitten was ill health at the time of purchase.

Tel: 203-892-8247 - just for text message, please

We have an Instagram account for my cattery.
And we have more activity on our Facebook group. Join our fb group to see more information about our cattery, pictures and videos of our cats and kittens. Also pictures of our graduate kittens who have grown into big beautiful cats.


Our location: Seymour, Connecticut, USA

Tel: 203-892-8247 - text me, please
Facebook message:

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